Student Projects

Running PhD projects

  • Grasping the Long Tail: Personalised Search for Cultural Heritage Annotators, Chris Dijkshoorn, (PhD Candidate), VU University Amsterdam (SealincMedia)
  • Burst the Filter Bubble: Using Semantic Web to Enable Serendipity, Valentina Maccatrozzo (PhD Candidate), VU University Amsterdam (VISTA-TV)
  • User-generated Metadata in Audio-visual Collections, Riste Gligorov (PhD Candidate), VU University Amsterdam (PrestoPrimeWAISDA?)

Running MSc projects

  • Infinite TV Trailer: Automatic Generation of Trailers for TV Programs, Nikolaos Kounalakis (MSc student), VU University Amsterdam (VISTA-TV project)
  • Infinite TV Trailer: Personalizing TV Interaction in Multimedia Remote Control, Petjo Glasmachers (MSc student), VU University Amsterdam (VISTA-TV project)
  • Begona Alvarez Beancounter NoTube (VISTA-TV project) (co-supervised with Valentina Maccatrozzo)
  • Event-centric Cultural Heritage: Social Experience, Sharyselle Kock (MSc student), VU University Amsterdam (Agora project)
  • Annemarie Collijn Agora-DH Minor (Agora project)
  • Khalid Khamkham Crowd-Watson
  • Harriette Smook Crowd-Watson
  • Rens van Honschooten Crowd-Watson
  • Benjamin Timmermans Crowd-Watson
  • Tatiana Cristea Crowd-Watson
  • Susanna vd Ven Crowd-Watson
  • Niels Groot Obbink Video Summarization (co-supervised with Stevan Rudinac)
  • Dick de Leeuw Motivation in CH Interfaces (co-supervised with Chris Dijkshoorn)
  • Jorik Kuhlman Swipe SealincMedia (co-supervised with Chris Dijkshoorn)
  • Ivo de Vries Iens (co-supervised with Davide Ceolin)
  • Wouter van den Hoven UI BiographyNet (co-supervised with Niels Ockeloen)

Graduated MSc students (recent)

  • Gamification of Medical Text Annotations, Anca Dumitrache (MSc student), VU University Amsterdam & IBM Research (Crowdsourcing for Watson project)
  • Automating Medical Text Annotation Tasks with Crowdsourcing Platforms, Oana Inel (MSc student), VU University Amsterdam (Crowdsourcing for Watson project)
  • Human Computation Framework, Hui Lin (BSc student), IBM Research (Crowdsourcing for Watson project)
  • Enriching News with Activist Events: Interactive Activist Event Analytics, Thomas Ploeger (MSc student), VU University Amsterdam (MONA project)
  • Visualization of Aggregated News Events, Chun Fei Lung (MSc student), VU University Amsterdam (MONA project)

Graduated PhD students (recent)


Open Student project

For Master and Bachelor projects assignments are available in the domains of Crowdsourcing, Medical Text Annotations, Interactive TV, Cultural Heritage and Social Web focussing on:

  • Recommender systems, e.g. personalized TV guides, museum guides, tours, etc.
  • Crowdsourcing, e.g. text, video & images annotation, tagging, games with purpose, etc.
  • Personalization on the Social (Semantic) Web, e.g. collecting and analyzing Social Web data for user profiling

See a list of possible research projects to host your master thesis:

  • SealincMedia – Socially-Enriched Access to Linked Cultural Media
  • VISTA-TV – Linked Open Data, Statistics and Recommendations for Live TV
  • Crowdsourcing for Watson – Crowdsourcing Medical Text Annotation Ground Truth
  • Agora – Eventing your History – in a social platform for cultural heritage – with semantics for historical event models; (with Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, Sound & Vision).
  • NoTube – Making Television More Personal – exploring television’s future in the ubiquitous Web; (with BBC, RAI, others).
  • PrestoPrime – User-generated metadata for Video; (with Sound & Vision, BBC, RAI, others).
  • WAISDA? – Video Tagging Game; (with Sound & Vision, KRO, NCRV, Q42)
  • TruSIS – Trust in Internetworking – defining trust and reputation across Social Networks

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