Lora Aroyo is working in the following projects:

  • DIVE+: Dynamically Linking Objects with Events, funded by eScience Center
  • CLARIAH Media Suite
    • providing access to audiovisual collections and their contextual data
  • SealicMedia project (COMMIT/ website), funded by the COMMIT/ program
    • combining automatic machine multimedia content labeling with multimedia annotations done through various forms of crowdsourcing and nichesourcing – in order to improve the quality of metadata of online multimedia content and thus provide richer interaction between users and online multimedia collections
  • CrowdTruth framework, developed within the context of the Crowd-Watson project, in collaboration with IBM
    • machine-human computing for collecting annotation data on text, images, sounds, and videos; specifically aimed at collecting gold standard data for training and evaluation of cognitive computing systems. The original framework was inspired by the IBM Watson project for providing improved (multi-perspective) gold standard (medical) text annotation data for the training and evaluation of various IBM Watson components, such as Medical Relation Extraction, Medical Factor Extraction, and Question-Answer passage alignment.
  • Vista-TV project, funded by the FP7 (Integrated Project)
    • generate a high-quality linked open dataset describing live TV programming,
      combine this dataset with behavioral information to provide highly accurate market research information about viewing behavior, and employ the information gathered to build a recommendation service to provide real-time viewing recommendations.
  • NoTube project, funded by the FP7 (Integrated Project)
    • how Semantic Web can be used to connect TV content & the Web through Linked Open Data, in the context of TV and Web convergence.
  • CHIP project, funded by the NWO CATCH program
    • how Semantic Web can be deployed to enrich the Rijksmuseum vocabularies and build services for explorative search and recommendations on top of it
    • Semantic Web Challenge 2007, 3rd price
  • PrestoPRIME project, funded by the FP7 (Integrated Project)
  • e-culture project, funded by the BSIK MultimediaN program
  • Passepartout project, funded by the ITEA EU program
    • bringing tailored high-definition (HD) media content into the lives of the family by seamless integration into home media centers and networks, with smart graphic displays controlling systems operation and interactive contents packaging
  • VU INTERTAIN Experimental Research Lab
    • design and developed the concept for experimental research environment for computer science


Stitch by Stitch: Annotating Fashion at the Rijksmuseum

DIVE+: Explorative Search for Digital Humanities

To be AND not to be: quantum intelligence? | Lora Aroyo & Chris Welty | TEDxNavesink


CrowdTruth: Machine-Human Computation Framework for Harnessing Disagreement in Gathering Annotated Data

FP7 Integrated Project NoTube project

FP7 Integrated Project ViSTA-TV project

COMMIT SealicMedia project

Crowd-Watson Project


FP7 Integrated Project NOTUBE: 



NWO-CATCH project CHIP: Cultural Heritage Information Personalization (Scientific Coordinator) 

Integrated Project PrestoPRIME: Keeping Audiovisual Contents Alive

Dutch BSIK project MultimediaN e-culture project

ITEA project Passepartout: Personalized Ambient Multimedia

VU INTERTAIN Experimental Research Lab



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