Lora Aroyo is a Full Professor at the Web & Media groupDepartment of Computer Science, VU University Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Within the framework of the Network Institute she is involved in several research projects focussing on semantic search, recommendation systems and event-driven access to multimedia collections online. Typical application domains of digital humanities, cultural heritage, interactive TV :

  • DIVE: Event-centric Exploration of Linked Heritage
  • CLARIAH: Common Lab Research Infrastructure for the Arts and Humanities
  • VISTA-TV: Combining LOD and behavioral information for TV analyses
  • SealincMedia:  Socially-enriched Access to Linked Cultural Media
  • PrestoPrime: WAISDA? Crowdsourcing Game for Video Annotation
  • NoTube: integration of Web and TV data with the help of semantics
  • CHIP: Cultural Heritage Information Personalization

I am collaborating with the IBM Watson team in NY on crowdsourcing ground truth data for the adaptation of the Watson system in medical domain [slides]:

  • Dr. Watson: Gamification of Ground Truth Collection for Medical Texts
  • Crowd-Watson: Framework for Crowdsourcing Ground Truth Data
  • Crowd Truth: Metrics to Evaluate Crowdsourced Ground Truth Data

If you are looking for a bachelor, master or PhD project in the context of the projects above send Lora Aroyo an email or request an appointment. Check out also the current student projects.

Check also the experimental research facilities in our VU INTERTAIN Lab.

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About Lora Aroyo

I am is an associate professor Intelligent Information Systems, at the Web and Media Group, Department of Computer Science, VU University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. I am also a scientific coordinator of the EU Integrated Project: NoTube: Integration of Web and TV Data with the Help of Semantics, http://notube.tv Go to my web page for more details: http://lora-aroyo.org
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